Victoria Beckham reveals her perfect date

Victoria Beckham reveals her perfect date

Victoria Beckham has revealed that her if she could have a date with just one person, it would be her husband, David Beckham.

The fashion designer made the sweet admission during an interview with Vogue, in which she was asked 73 questions.

She also revealed that it was "love at first sight" with former footballer David. Asked exactly what it was that she fell in love with about the star, she replied, "Duh!".

Victoria was showing the cameraman around her new flagship store on Dover Street as she answered the questions.

The magazine also probed the former Spice Girl on why she never smiles. "I'm smiling on the inside," she replied. "I have a duty to the fashion world".

It was a rare insight into the world of the notoriously private star. Fans even learned that she wakes up at 6am and the first thing she does is "check on the kids" before working out.

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